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If you are extending credit to a customer, or entering into any type of loan / hire purchase agreement, then you need to be sure that you know where your customer lives. This process goes beyond saying if an address is valid, this makes sure that someone is present at the customer's address to verify the secure pin that is mailed to them.

You can either verify each customer manually, or ask your developers to integrate our API into your existing customer onboarding workflow. We make it easy for your developers with helpful support, and clear documentation.


There is a cost to printing and sending physical mail to your customers, but we try to make that as simple as possible, with a flat rate of $0.95 USD / £0.75 GBP / $1.25 AUD per verification, this covers wordwide destinations, so you can post to your neighbour or someone the other side of the world for the same price.

We accept payment via credit card using PayPal, but for larger purchases we also accept bank transfers, which can be zero rated for VAT within the EU.


Want to get started coding?, create an account using the link above, and then you can use your username and password to authenticate against our API. We've got code examples in C# and PHP, and friendly documentation. If you get stuck, we're just an email away.

Verifcations can take several days to happen, because it takes time for the customer to receive their secure pin in the mail. So whenever a verification takes place, we will call back to a webpage designated by you, with details of your customer. The exact format of the HTTP callback is documented in our documentation below:

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